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Sparkling Cleans Cans

Our name says it all.   Sparkling Clean Cans is what you will have after we stop at your home or Business. No need to be ashamed at how smelly those cans will get.   Garbage, Recycling and yard debris cans all hold odors and with that come flies! 

Call Sparkling Clean Cans


Keep your cans Sparkling Clean!

Wash. Sanitize. Deodorize.


 Sparkling Clean Cans trash can cleaning service is a family-owned local company serving communities in the Watertown SD area.  Sparkling Cleans Cans is committed to providing your our customer with efficient trash can cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing using state-of-the-art equipment,


Let Sparkling Clean Cans keep your cans clean all season long.   We will come to your home clean, sanitize and deodorize all of your cans as often as you need them done.   The Holidays around Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day our cans see a lot of action. Have your cans cleaned just before or just after those busy Holidays!


Every week or so your local service comes and empties your dumpsters. It's not that it is unsightly, it's what is left behind that smells and draws rodents and flies.  Sparkling Clean Cans will clean the dumpster and if needed clean the area around your dumpsters.  Don't overlook this part of your property let it  "SPARKLE"!

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